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Model 110 Picnic Table Frame

Our Model 110 picnic table frame is the top of our line of picnic table frames, designed for stability, convenience and years of heavy duty use. The one piece picnic table framewelded end frames are 1 1/2" 14 gauge tubular steel. The 1 1/4" cross braces fasten to the center support channel to prevent warping of the top planks, while providing overall stability. Heavy Duty Campground Picnic Table Frame | Chadwick ManufacturingThe model 110 provides convenient walk thru seating, and slides easily for mowing or relocating. The frame is 57 3/4" wide and provides for a 29" table height and 17" seat height. Materials recommended are 5-2" x 10" planks 6' in length. However, frame may also be used for 5' and 7' lengths. Weight 49#

Model 110G Picnic Table Frame
Same as Model 110 but it Hot Dipped Galvanized
Model 110HK Handicap Accessible Picnic Table Frame
Basic 6' picnic table frame with a 24" overhang.
Picnic Table Frame Accessory 110CH
Center Channel Allows for a 7 foot or 8 foot table

Campground Picnic Table Frame  | Chadwick Manufacturing Model 100HD Picnic Table Frame

This old favorite has been in our line for nearly 40 years, and many of our original frames are still being used. The one piece picnic tableswelded end frames are of angle formed 3 3/4" 11 gauge steel. Frames measure 28" high, 44" wide at the ground, 52" seat bar and 3 1/2" foot plates. Designed for 5' to 8' table length, 30" top and 10" seats. Materials recommended for 8' table are five 2" x 10" picnic tablesplanks 8', and two 2" x 4" boards 5'. Diagonal steel braces prevent wobble and sway, assuring maximum strength. Weight 40#

Heavy Duty Campground Picnic Table Frames
Model 101 Picnic Table Frame

Heavy Duty Campground Picnic Table Frames | Chadwick Manufacturing The model 101 picnic table is in use at many campgrounds and parks throughout the country and is designed for easy walk thru seating. One piece welded end frames are made of 1 1/4" 14 gauge steel tubing. Two 20" center braces attach to the end frames and the center board of the table for stability. This picnic table frame is designed for 5' to 8' in length. Materials recommended are five 2" x 10" planks 5' to 8' in length. Weight 32# 

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